eBay Tip #27 The Five Best Things About eBay

Here is my Top 5 List of Best Things About eBay

1) I can sell just about anything!

  • Do you have old record albums?
  • Clothing you’ve never worn?
  • Star Wars toys?
  • Autographed photos?
  • You name it, you can sell it on eBay! Not everything will garner top dollar and there may be a glut of Life Magazines, but if you have the desire, you can list and possibly sell your items on eBay!


2) I can make money on my own!

  • No need for a job interview to sell on eBay!
  • No need for a resume to sell on eBay!
  • You don’t have to have top grades or be the fastest athlete or any other superlative, just list a few items that people want and you will make some money!
  • You are your own boss!



3) I can sell from home, or anywhere with a WiFi connection

  • I can sell using my iPhone (or other mobile device)
  • I set my own hours: early morning or late at night or anytime in between – eBay doesn’t shut down!
  • I can even list while buying the items at a garage sale!
  • I can sell in my pajamas!


4) Recycle and Reuse and Renew!

  • I love finding a new home for my old stuff
  • If something sells that is known to be broken, others can repair or use for parts or make art from it!
  • Things have many uses, not just for the original purpose
  • I call it moving things around the universe!

5) It’s Fun to Buy and Sell on eBay

  • Who says making money has to be boring? Selling on eBay is fun!
  • I can sell to people ALL around the world and not just in my local community!
  • I can BUY from anywhere in the world too!
  • I love finding treasures all from my phone or home computer without having to travel anywhere!


Tip #27

  • Goal: What are the 5 Best Things About eBay?
  • Task: Have Fun!
  • Task: Recycle, Reuse, Renew
  • Task: Buy or Sell from home or anywhere
  • Task: Work and Make money on my own!
  • Task: Sell just about anything!

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