eBay Tip #25 Don’t Rely Solely on eBay

Warning: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

That saying has been used for all sorts of situations, but it applies big time for eBay sellers! It is important to use multiple selling channels to diversify and find new buyers, not just eBay buyers.

Multiple Marketplaces

Some of the channels I use include to sell besides eBay, in order of my personal success top to bottom, along with some pros and cons. Your results may vary. Watch for future review posts of each of these sites. Below find some pros and cons vs eBay.

  • Amazon
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • NextDoor
  • Craig’s List
  • Poshmark
  • MaxSold
  • Garage Sales
  • 5 Miles
  • Offer Up

Other sites you may like, but I have not used:

  • Etsy
  • Mercari
  • Depop

Amazon vs eBay


  • Amazon fees are roughly the same as eBay depending on if you have a high or low priced item. You will keep more or your earnings, if it is a higher priced, from my experience.
  • Amazon takes their percentage of the sale upfront, you don’t owe anything after the sales (unless shipping charges exceed your sales)
  • “Everybody” knows Amazon!
  • Amazon has a huge catalog of offerings for buyers.
  • Amazon may be easier and possibly quicker to list than on eBay (yes, they have a free mobile app!)
  • Amazon pays YOU every other week for your sales.


  • Lots of competition in amount of inventory and pricing, for common items: books, CDs, DVDs, etc.
  • You still have to ship items sold, just like on eBay, if you are Merchant Fulfilled Seller.
  • Sales tax is collected from many states, so you have to brush up on latest rules. (Though that is now happening on eBay too! It’s a changing world for online sellers currently!)

Facebook Marketplace vs eBay


  • Lots and lots of local people are now shopping on Facebook Marketplace. Growing quickly!
  • No fees
  • Easy to list
  • In Person pick-up arrangements


  • Can have flaky communication between you and potential buyers
  • Have to arrange meeting pick-up time (should be in public space), which takes up part of your day.

NextDoor vs eBay


  • Local feel
  • No fees – Cash sale
  • In person pick-up


  • Lots of flaking by folks asking and then not responding once you reply.

Craig’s List vs eBay


  • Many items to choose from
  • Many buyers – CL is popular
  • When the sale works, it’s great!


  • Scam messages galore
  • Lots of flakes
  • May take a while to sell stuff
  • Need to renew listing every 7 days

Poshmark vs eBay


  • Great for clothing and fashion
  • Once sale is made, you just print out shipping label
  • Don’t have to wait for payments like on eBay


  • Need to add followers to grow
  • Need to share items to grow
  • You must regularly drop your prices to stay competitive

MaxSold vs eBay


  • Maxsold is a growing online auction site for folks in North America
  • Every auction begins at $1.
  • Local pick up only.
  • Auctions run up to 10 days and pick up is 2 days after.
  • Lots of things sell!


  • Many items may only sell for the $ starting bid.
  • Buyers need to be local to pick up
  • May not be available in your area yet.
  • 30% percentage goes to Maxsold overall, but it you don’t reach a minimum amount it can cost you.

Garage Sales vs eBay


  • Cash sales
  • Fun to meet buyers/neighbors in person
  • Lots of people love to go to garage sales


  • Low prices are what buyers are looking for
  • Not everything sells, need to offer remaining stuff for free or take to donate
  • Set up, break-down tables takes time
  • Takes time to put up signs around town

5Miles and Offer Up vs eBay

5Miles and Offer Up are mobile device apps that are intended for local sales. Offer up adds a shipping offering to those who want to get more exposure than just locally. They are not major players in my online selling at this time.

I have had limited luck in selling on these apps, so for now I will not review further. Watch for more on them in the future!

While eBay is a great website to sell your collectibles and unwanted items for profit, it is not the only game in town. It is best to branch out and try other marketplaces. You will reach all sorts of new customers and make new sales. And remember “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!” when selling online.


Tip #25

  • Goal: To branch out and not limit your online selling to one marketplace like eBay
  • Task: Try some of the other selling platforms
  • Task: Beware of the scams connected with some of the local pick-up sites
  • Task: Always meet your potential buyer in a well traveled public spot like grocery store parking lot
  • Task: Mix it up and you will keep your inventory fresh to a new buying crowd
  • Task: Try to put large items up on local marketplaces to avoid having to ship them!


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