eBay Tip #15 – 5 Easy Items You Can Sell: That Are in Your Home!

A big hurdle for new eBay sellers is to figure out what to sell on eBay. I always suggest to look around your house and you will discover that the items are there already! Most likely you will never miss them if you tried to sell them on eBay. It would give you some practice at the listing, photos and shipping processes without much risk!

Here is a list of five easy items (most everyone has in their house), that you can sell on eBay.

Coffee Mug

A Starbucks Coffee Mug is an easy item to sell on eBay

How many mugs do you have on the shelf? Ten or more? Do you use all of them? Are there any with a fun saying on it, or a name or from Starbucks for example? Mugs do sell on eBay. They aren’t that hard to ship if you have the right box and some bubbles wrap. And they are very easy to list since everyone knows what a coffee mug is and does!


A Watch is an easy item to sell on eBay

Check your jewelry box. I can be that you have an old watch or two or three tucked away in there! The best part about selling old watches on eBay is that you can sell, even if they don’t run! They may just need a battery and that info should be included in the description and condition areas of your listing. Some brands that I’ve sold: Swatch, Seiko, Timex and Casio. Perhaps the watch needs a new band. Or it’s just not your style anymore. Why not sell on eBay and make a few bucks. A watch is also very easy to list and to ship. A watch needs a couple of close up photos, but heck your phone can do that!


a T-shirt is an easy item to sell on eBay

Check your closet and dresser drawers. I KNOW for a fact that you have an old t-shirt in there! Find one in decent condition and list on eBay. Rock t-shirts and vintage “oldies” do well on eBay. Note the size, color, material and style. Is it short sleeved? 100% cotton? Does it feature a sports star, or popular clothing logo? All the better!

I am a big fan of taking a few measurements. Try this cool application out called Size.ly and fill the measurements into a blank template of a t-shirt and save as a jpg. Upload to your eBay listing and people will love seeing exactly what the t-shirt’s measurements are! Note: the link above is a referral link. I may earn affiliate income, you will not pay more to try. Try it today for FREE!

Board Game

A board game is an easy item to sell on eBay

How often do you still play board games with your family? Not as often as you once did is my guess. Check your game shelf and look for a title you no longer want to play. Open it up to see how complete it is. Okay, now it’s time to snap a few pics and list it on eBay. One favorite game that I enjoy listing and selling is the classic Monopoly game. Any unusual version really does well like “Dog Monopoly or “Elvis Monopoly”. What games are sitting on your shelf waiting to find a new home and make you a little money! USPS has specific boxes called “Board Game” boxes and they ship for the Large Flat Rate Box Rate around $17 when using eBay shipping. Let the buyer pay for that and price your game in the middle range of others listed on eBay!

Book or Magazine

A book is an easy item to sell on eBay

If you are like me, you have TONS of books and magazines cluttering up your home. Pick one or more to sell and listing is as simple as typing in the bar code number (located on back of dust jacket). The ISBN number is specific to that exact edition of your book. You can ship a book for an inexpensive cost if you use Media Mail. Magazines may not be shipped via Media Mail because they have advertisements in them. Easy to ship in an envelope or padded envelope.

That is a quick list of items you CAN sell on eBay without too much trouble finding them. Once you get inspired, I bet you can find more and more unwanted items right under your own nose! I’ve read that everyone has thousands of dollars of items they no longer use in their own possession! What are you going to sell?

I’m sure you have way more than five easy items to sell on eBay!


Tip #15

  • Goal: Find 5 items in your house to list and sell on eBay
  • Task: Do you have a coffee mug, watch, t-shirt, board game or book/magazine?
  • Task: Photograph and List on eBay
  • Task: Wait for the “cha-ching” sound on your mobile device letting you know it SOLD!



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