eBay Tip #23 – Free eBay Branded Supplies

Free eBay Branded Supplies

Free eBay branded supplies

One awesome perk for eBay Store sellers is getting FREE eBay branded supplies every quarter. They look very professional and can add a positive appeal to your buyer’s eBay experience when receiving their eBay packages from you!

Open an eBay Store

There are five levels of eBay Stores. Here is a screen shot from eBay’s website of the costs for each level.

eBay store seller

I am currently an eBay store seller with the premium subscription. I get a nice savings with a yearly renewal.

As a benefit of my premium subscription, I can order up to $50, per quarter, in free eBay branded supplies. Here is where you find the drop down menu to locate the coupon to order the supplies. Marketing ==>> Seller Discounts

Free eBay branded supplies

Once you select Subscriber Discounts, you will see your coupon for that quarter for your eBay Shipping Supplies.

eBay branded supplies

Start Shopping for Supplies

Click the button “Start Shopping” and that will take you to the eBay branded supplies. They do cost something to a regular eBay buyer, but when you put your coupon code (as an eBay store seller) into the check- out, you will see your savings! Here are some current product options available.

eBay branded supplies

eBay store seller

The items include: eBay branded boxes, tape, envelopes, tissue paper, thank you cards, stickers and more. The color choices and sizes change a bit from quarter to quarter.

My favorite thing to order is the tape. I go through a ton of it and will not run out any time soon. This month I’m getting some brown strapping tape with the eBay logo.

I also ordered some boxes. I need to re-stock my inventory in the size 8″ x 6″ x 4″, which is perfect for smaller items when shipping my eBay orders/sales.

After clicking on “Add to my cart”, I will check out and then pay for my FREE eBay branded supplies, using my coupon and PayPal.


Your Order is Being Shipped

Within an hour of my order, which was totally free except for $3.95 sales tax, I received an email that showed my items had been shipped! They should arrive early next week.

They have already left me positive feedback for my order! I will leave feedback for them, once I receive my order!

More Benefits

Besides getting the free eBay branded supplies every quarter, eBay store sellers have increased amounts of free listings per month and the ability to put your items on vacation hold in an instant.

It’s something to look at if you are considering wanting to open and eBay store. I love my free eBay branded supplies!


Tip #23

  • Goal: Get free eBay branded supplies
  • Task: Open eBay store
  • Task: Order free supplies every quarter
  • Task: Use the supplies to “up your game” and look more professional when shipping to your buyers!

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