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Do You Want to Learn

How to Sell on eBay?

Let Anne Z Show YOU

How to Sell on eBay!

  • Anne has been selling online since 1998 and has her 25th eBay anniversary on July 6, 2023!
  • eBay is her specialty!
  • Anne Sells on eBay Every Single Day!
  • Anne is not only a tennis and pickleball pro but an eBay pro too!

Visit her eBay store to see the wide variety of items she sells. Many of her items are from consignment clients, thrift stores and garage sale purchases, and even her own personal items. The sky’s the limit on what you can sell!

Step-by-Step Instruction

Anne will show you how to sell online with her comprehensive step-by-step online course even if you’ve never sold anything before and even if you have very little free time in your day!

The course is self-paced, so you can spend a little bit of time or a lot and view the course chapters as you like. Perfect for the new seller! You can watch the video lectures and lessons over and over to make sure you understand the process.

What’s in the Course?

Who is this Course Good For?

  • Stay at home Moms, Retired folks, Students, and Anyone who wants to sell on eBay!
  • First-time sellers with little or no experience selling online
  • Busy people who have at least one hour per day to sell and manage their selling accounts
  • People who want to make some part-time income selling personal items on eBay

What are you waiting for? Now’s the time!

Now’s the time to earn some extra cash from items just lying around the house or in your garage. Not sure where to begin?

Start with Anne’s course and she will guide you on setting up an eBay account, and PayPal money collection account and teach you all you need to know about finding items to sell, photographing and describing them, posting, and once a sale is done, shipping that item to the buyer.

Try some of her time-saving strategies and learn how to find boxes and shipping supplies for FREE!

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To begin The ABC’s of Selling Online Using eBay, click on the Udemy link.

Over three hours of instruction that you can watch over and over again broken down into dozens of individual lessons. Start right now!




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