eBay Tip # 8 Get the eBay App

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The eBay App

We have all become so mobile in today’s online world. The same is true with buying and selling on eBay. All it takes is a few clicks!

I love to list items on my phone because it’s so easy and quick to create, edit and monitor my listings. I can use my phone camera to snaps pics of the items I want to list and they are instantly added to my descriptions. I can buy anything listed on eBay with the same ease.

Here’s a quick run down of the eBay mobile app!

Download the App

It’s available for both iPhone iOS and Android and it’s FREE!


Login & View all your options on eBay

Find the item

What do you want to buy or sell? Find it by typing into Search bar or scan the UPC code.


My example below shows my results when I searched for “Rocketman DVD Elton John”.

Click and Buy or Sell Yours

Click “Sell yours” and fill in some details like price, condition and how you will ship and you are done! It’s listed!

Other Pluses

  • Communication is a breeze between buyers and sellers if you have questions about listings.
  • You can accept “Best Offers” if that option is included in your listing.
  • You can pay with PayPal when you purchase an item.
  • You can check your Feedback score under your profile. See mine (as of today, below).

Another Cool Feature

On the home page you can see what is Trending on eBay.


The single best feature about the eBay app is the “Cha-Ching” alert! It rings out when you make a sale, if your sound notifications are turned ON. It’s fun to get that notification in real time and know you are making money right then!

Works on iPad too!

The next best thing about the mobile app is the crossover listing feature. The eBay app works on the iPad and other tablets and allows you to list from anywhere you have internet access! If you begin a listing on your desktop computer and SAVE DRAFT, then you can finish the listing on your phone or tablet and visa versa!

Here is a draft started on my desktop computer.

Here is the same draft that I will finish listing on my iPhone.

And finally, I will add a few photos with the iPhone and finish my new listing.


The desktop and mobile modes of eBay sync with one another quite well. I often begin a listing on the desktop, where I can type more quickly and then finish on my iPhone, which allows me to add the photos. So easy! So awesome. I highly recommend getting the eBay app today!

Limitations with the App

There are a few limitations for us PowerSellers. I have been told by people at eBay that the app was basically designed for the casual seller, though any type of seller can use it to list on eBay. Hopefully down the road, eBay will see advantages in having a PowerSeller style app with a few of the missing features I highlight below.

  • Unable to search more than 600 of our own listings (currently I have 650 listings)
  • Unable to send a refund to a buyer with the app (must use a desktop to do that)
  • Unable to check a Sales Tax box in a new listing from the app (must use a desktop to do that)


Tip #8

If you want a simple and fun way to list on eBay, then I recommend getting the eBay app for your phone or tablet.

  • Task: Download the mobile eBay app on your phone or tablet.
  • Goal: Create an eBay listing with it.
  • Goal: Buy something from eBay using the app.
  • Goal: Listen for the “Cha-Ching” alert! Congrats, you’ve made a sale!

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Author: Anne Zarraonandia

Anne Z is a certified USPTA tennis and pickleball professional who takes her many years of experience in teaching tennis to the online arena. Anne breaks down the tasks of online selling into simple language, especially for those who don’t have much computer, internet, or photography background.

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