Auctiva Listing Tool



I have been using Auctiva for many, many years. I build templates that I like for all sorts of items: tennis rackets, record albums, magazines, dolls, etc.


If you sell on Amazon or eBay or on your own website, Auctiva can help make the listing process so much easier!

Your friend AnneZ (eBayId: annez) wants to save you time and money!
AnneZ already knows the benefits of using Auctiva; now it is time for you to find out. 

  • Auctiva’s one-page listing tool dramatically reduces the time it takes to list each item
  • Auctiva’s emporium and scrolling gallery help you cross-market and increase customer traffic, as well as create a brand for your business
  • Auctiva’s professionally designed templates give your listings an edge over the competition
  • Auctiva’s profiles will save you both time and sanity in not having to type repetitive information into hundreds of listings
  • Auctiva’s unlimited image hosting, with supersizing, gives you a central, safe place for all of your product images

And the best part is: You can try it for FREE!

Unlimited use of Auctiva’s full suite of auction management tools is available to new users for an entire 30 days. You can list, upload images, create numerous profiles for different items, design an emporium and scrolling gallery AND have access to an inexhaustible supply of auction templates… all for FREE! Then, after your 30-day trial, simply pick from one of our affordable listing plans, or become a Free Tools user to retain our marketing tools, like the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery.

Come experience the premiere eBay auction management experience.

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Seller Tools

Listing has to be the least favorite activity for most online sellers!

Yet, the harsh reality is that your items won’t sell if they are not listed!

As sellers, we need all the shortcuts and help that we can get in the way of seller tools: listing, accounting, bookkeeping, money management, payment collection and more.

If you are interested in info on shipping tools, head over to this page: Shipping Tools.

Here is a list of my favorite seller tools. I will be reviewing them, so be sure to come back and check this page often for more information.

  • Auctiva – Create listing templates as well as manage a variety of selling accounts from one location
  • Cross Post-It – Listing and management tool for consignment sellers including payments to consignors
  • GoDaddy Bookkeeping – Easy, do-it-your-self bookkeeping with import options from banks, eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • – Create beautiful templates with measurements for your clothing listings.
  • PayPal – The tried and true, grand-daddy of money collection and payment sites.
  • Terapeak – Research – An exclusive eBay insights tool, and an effective way to research what your competitors are doing, how they’re doing it, and how you can improve your own listings on eBay.
  • Venmo – A hip money collection and payment for buyers and sellers (owned by PayPal)


eBay Tip #13 – FREE eBay Listing Worksheet

eBay Lisiting Worksheet

Here is a free sample worksheet that you can fill out. It will gather the pertinent information for your eBay listing.

Remember, it will get easier the more you practice, practice, practice.

Auction title: _______________________________

80 characters – no punctuation – capitalize first letter of each word – NO ALL CAPS

Auction Subtitle_______(I don’t generally use this feature- extra cost)

Quantity ____________________________________________


Auction: ______________Duration: 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days________

Fixed Price: ______________ Duration: Good ‘Till Cancelled:_____

Starting Price __________ (If auction, the lowest price you will take)

Buy It Now Price________ (Make this a bit higher, and entice buyers who don’t want to wait out an auction. This BIN price will disappear after one bid had been made, except in the clothing and some other categories. In those categories the BIN price will disappear once 50% of minimum bid is reached by bidders)

Fixed Price ____________ (You can start a bit higher, and add a MAKE AN OFFER also known as BEST OFFER to the listing. You can accept someone’s offer, decline or counter an offer. Some people will lowball you, but always counter in those cases. If you want a sure bet, accept their original offer because some people will be scared off when you counter their offer.)

Reserve Price ____ (I don’t use this feature-It makes some people angry!)

Payment options

PayPal?______Other?________ Local Pick-up Only ________

Do not ship item until you have received payment!


USA only: ______________________________________

International: ____________________________________

(It’s not as difficult as one might imagine. Start with countries you feel comfortable with like perhaps Canada and England.)

Global Shipping Program: _____________________________ Exclude Countries: _________________________________

  • You ship to an eBay US address, the buyer pays international rates.
  • It’s just like shipping to US buyers, eBay handles the rest for you! Easy!


Weight of item (in box):______________________________

Dimensions of box: length______ x height_______ x width______


  • First Class Mail: (under 13 ounces): ____________________________________________
  • Priority Mail: (1 pound or over): ____________________________________________
  • Media Mail: (books & media – no advertising in matter) ____________________________________________
  • UPS or Fed Ex Ground: (larger, heavier items) ____________________________________________

Special Shipping Instructions: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Handling Time

Will you ship in 1 day? 2 days? 3 days? _________________________________________

Refund Policy

Accept?_____________ Decline?_____________________

Time Frame?_______________________ (see options on eBay)

Business Policy

You can set up to incorporate your shipping and handling time together with type of mail service.

Fill in the blank templates on eBay to meet your preferences.

Time Saving Tip

Use the Calculated Shipping option, and you can never go wrong. The buyer will see what the cost is on their screen, depending on their zip code and yours (the seller’s location). Just fill in box size and weight and eBay does the rest.

Known Costs (go to to see current rates)

Flat Rate Small Box________________________________
Flat Rate Medium Box______________________________
Flat Rate Large Box________________________________
Flat Rate Padded Envelope _________________________
Flat Rate Envelope_________________________________


  • If it fits in one of the above, same cost for anywhere in the USA. A great way to learn how much to charge for shipping!
  • You can order online at or pick-up at local post office.

Condition of Item

(Circle one): New, Like New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable


(Be very accurate and honest!) ________________________________________________________________________________________



(Use bullet points or short paragraphs so it reads well!)_________________________________________

  • 1________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 2________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 3________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 4________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 5________________________________________________________________________________________

Model or Brand:__________________________________ Year:_________________________________________


Weight of item (no box):_________________________  pounds ________________________________________ ounces

  • I put this info in my description for reference
  • I make a practice of weighing and measuring most of the items I list, except things like CD’s or DVD’s.

Measurements of item

Length:________x Width:________x Height:________(inches)

Other info you may consider adding into description if it can help the buyer make an informed decision.

Origin or history of item: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Uses of item:____________________________________

Target group for selling item:__________________________

Comes with original box/packaging?________________________________________________________________________________________

Comes with instructions or manual?________________________________________________________________________________________

Misc. Info on item: ________________________________________________________________________________________


For Your Records

  • Price you paid for item:______________________________
  • Date you purchased:________________________________
  • Original Owner of Item: (if not you)_______________________
  • Where you purchased: ______________________________


Tip #13

  • Goal: Prepare a new eBay listing
  • Task: Fill in the blanks for each new item
  • Task: Practice, practice, practice
  • Task: You can do this!

eBay Tip # 8 Get the eBay App

The eBay App

We have all become so mobile in today’s online world. The same is true with buying and selling on eBay. All it takes is a few clicks!

I love to list items on my phone because it’s so easy and quick to create, edit and monitor my listings. I can use my phone camera to snaps pics of the items I want to list and they are instantly added to my descriptions. I can buy anything listed on eBay with the same ease.

Here’s a quick run down of the eBay mobile app!

Download the App

It’s available for both iPhone iOS and Android and it’s FREE!


Login & View all your options on eBay

Find the item

What do you want to buy or sell? Find it by typing into Search bar or scan the UPC code.


My example below shows my results when I searched for “Rocketman DVD Elton John”.

Click and Buy or Sell Yours

Click “Sell yours” and fill in some details like price, condition and how you will ship and you are done! It’s listed!

Other Pluses

  • Communication is a breeze between buyers and sellers if you have questions about listings.
  • You can accept “Best Offers” if that option is included in your listing.
  • You can pay with PayPal when you purchase an item.
  • You can check your Feedback score under your profile. See mine (as of today, below).

Another Cool Feature

On the home page you can see what is Trending on eBay.


The single best feature about the eBay app is the “Cha-Ching” alert! It rings out when you make a sale, if your sound notifications are turned ON. It’s fun to get that notification in real time and know you are making money right then!

Works on iPad too!

The next best thing about the mobile app is the crossover listing feature. The eBay app works on the iPad and other tablets and allows you to list from anywhere you have internet access! If you begin a listing on your desktop computer and SAVE DRAFT, then you can finish the listing on your phone or tablet and visa versa!

Here is a draft started on my desktop computer.

Here is the same draft that I will finish listing on my iPhone.

And finally, I will add a few photos with the iPhone and finish my new listing.


The desktop and mobile modes of eBay sync with one another quite well. I often begin a listing on the desktop, where I can type more quickly and then finish on my iPhone, which allows me to add the photos. So easy! So awesome. I highly recommend getting the eBay app today!

Limitations with the App

There are a few limitations for us PowerSellers. I have been told by people at eBay that the app was basically designed for the casual seller, though any type of seller can use it to list on eBay. Hopefully down the road, eBay will see advantages in having a PowerSeller style app with a few of the missing features I highlight below.

  • Unable to search more than 600 of our own listings (currently I have 650 listings)
  • Unable to send a refund to a buyer with the app (must use a desktop to do that)
  • Unable to check a Sales Tax box in a new listing from the app (must use a desktop to do that)


Tip #8

If you want a simple and fun way to list on eBay, then I recommend getting the eBay app for your phone or tablet.

  • Task: Download the mobile eBay app on your phone or tablet.
  • Goal: Create an eBay listing with it.
  • Goal: Buy something from eBay using the app.
  • Goal: Listen for the “Cha-Ching” alert! Congrats, you’ve made a sale!

eBay Tip #7 – Items Needed to Begin Selling on eBay

Tip #7

Be sure to keep these items handy in one general selling area and away from the rest of the household! No one likes to go hunting for scissors or the scale every time you are ready to ship a package!

Basic Supply List – the Essentials

  • Computer or iPad or iPhone
  • Printer
  • Scale – up to 50 pounds is best
  • 2-up Labels
  • Digital camera or iPad or iPhone
  • Shipping Boxes
  • Paper, ink, packing tape
  • Scissors, tape measure or ruler
  • A backdrop or 3 sided Science Display Board
  • Bubble wrap

Additional Helpful Supplies

  • Fragile stickers
  • Do Not Bend Stickers
  • USPS Priority Stickers
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Brown gummed tape-heavy duty packing
  • Tripod
  • Jewelry Easel
  • Plate Easel
  • Shirt Folding Accessory
  • Impulse Sealer
  • Polybags
  • Mannequins, styrofoam head displays
  • Additional Digital memory card for camera-more storage
  • Plastic tubs for storage
  • Banker’s storage boxes
  • Photo Studio Light tent
  • White Board for planning & dry erase pens
  • USB Scanner for scanning bar codes


Tip #7

  • Goals: Be prepared before you begin listing on eBay
  • Task: Gather or buy the essentials

eBay Tip #2 – Sizely Clothing Measurement Templates

Tip #2

Blank Template
Blank Template for Men’s T-Shirt

As an eBay seller I have learned that including measurements in the descriptions of clothing listings is very important to the potential buyer. It will help your buyers purchase items that fit.

Not only will you reduce the potential number of eBay messages you’ll get from people asking for measurements, it will add value to your listing with an image that includes the important measurement numbers in it.

This online tool is called Sizely. It is used by over 35,000 users worldwide. There are many, many templates to choose from:

  • Shirts
  • Dresses
  • Jeans
  • Shoes
  • Glasses
  • Underwear
  • Outerwear

for Kids, Men and Women.

Some benefits include:

  • Fewer returns on clothing items
  • Increase Sales
  • Create the images in seconds
  • Over 200+ design templates available
  • Automatic conversion of the imperial and metric system for any international buyers that plan on purchasing from you.

The templates are extremely easy to fill in and customize. There are arrows showing where the measurements start and finish. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It will save you so much time, once you use it, you won’t know how you got along without it.

4 Plans to Chose From

The Starter Plan is free to use and has a total of 25 template designs and 30/month with hosting of 30 images. Perfect for a seller just starting out.

The Pro Plan is ideal when selling on eBay, Poshmark, Etsy and others. It costs $12 monthly and has 165 templates Designs, 300 templates/month and 365 day secure image hosting.

The most popular plan is the Ultra for $25/month. You get 235+ template designs, 1000 templates/month and unlimited secure image hosting. Ideal when selling on Amazon, Shopify and others.

For high volume eCommerce sites at $179/monthly is the Enterprise Plan. 235+ template designs, 10,000 templates/month and unlimited secure image hosting. It features single template creator, size chart creator, dynamic size charts, size chart pop-up and size predictor.

There are some extra discounts on plans when you pay annually.

Here is the step by step way to use Sizely

  1. Go to the Sizely Website ***Full Disclosure: This is my referral link. It will allow me to introduce you to the product and will earn me credit towards a higher level plan on my end. It will not cost you anymore or less. I appreciate your support.
  2. Choose a plan: Starter, Pro, Ultra or Enterprise
  3. Find the template of the style clothing or accessory you are selling.
  4. Fill in the measurements and brand, model and size. Add notes if needed, perhaps color and condition.
  5. Click “Generate” and you will get a few choices of how to view this image: copy URL, save image, or html template code which you can copy into your listing.

The image will also be saved in your History menu at the top of the website. You can use in your listing on eBay and other platforms. It looks so professional, you will be busy looking for more clothing to list and create size and measurements charts for!

Sharing your new clothing link on your social sites allows new potential buyers to get a preview of the items you are selling.


Tip #2 – Create visual measurement charts for the clothing you want to sell on eBay with Sizely. Use these images in your listings to add value to your items.

For more info please read my Review – here on this website!

Buy, Sell, Get Some Coin and Rewards from 5 Miles

Review – 5miles

“A new, fast way to buy and sell with others. Bid on or list items on 5miles today” is the tag line from their app.

They wanted to create a better local experience for the buyer and seller. Their goal was to make it easy to navigate, in a safe environment with no fees.

5miles has been around since 2014. I have sold about a dozen or more items since I joined in 2017. It has a limited audience in my view, but is growing. They have added incentives for logging-in every day by offer users “coins” which can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards.

The principle of 5miles is to buy and sell using your mobile device. Snap a pic, write a quick description, fill in a price and bingo, your item is listed. The app is very easy to use. Once you fill out your profile, all users have an app wide ID with name and photo. It’s possible to list services, housing and jobs!


It’s easy to browse listed items in the search bar. Your searches can be fine tuned using “filter” and “categories”. Once you see something you want, click and either meet locally with seller or place an order. There is a 5miles Wallet which is how one pays for shipped items. There are protections on the site if you need to “return” or need a “refund” from a purchase.


Snap some pics of your item, add a quick description, enter price and choose payment method and delivery method, then click “publish” and it’s listed. By choosing 5miles Wallet as payment and allowing shipping as a delivery method it will increase your chances for selling quicker.

There is a “chat” feature to communicate directly with the seller, which confirms delivery method with shipping or if you want to meet locally. I have added the exact location for meet up, which for me is the local Safeway grocery store parking lot a block or two down the road.

The order is “complete” once the buyer receives the item, and you will receive payment at that time.

I have only used the local meet up option up til now, but would like to ship some of my smaller listed items to increase my buyer pool. I will report back once I have a couple of experiences.

Invite Friends and Earn Coins

There is a built in community with members who enjoy buying and selling with 5miles. You can earn coins (reward points) for each friend you refer and for each friend your friend refers. Your friend will get coins too! Every user gets an “invite” code that can be filled in at registration, in order to receive the coin rewards. You can also earn coins by doing “tasks” like inviting more friends and being a top user. My favorite way to earn coins is the “daily check-in”. I’ve also tried some of the “daily tasks” to earn more. Today I downloaded an app called “Flipp” which saves you money when shopping. In fact I’ve just passed 3000 coins! Once I reach 4,999 I can turn that into a Amazon gift card, among other credits for 5miles Dash (auction opportunities on 5miles).

Getting Better, But Not Quite There Yet

While my 5miles selling experiencs have been agreeable and profitable, it has not created a ton of sales for me. I do enjoy earning “coins” by clicking the app link on my phone everyday. I will eventually earn enough for Amazon cards. I have not investigated or tried the 5miles Dash part of the app yet. I also have not been a buyer, but some items have caught my eye, like sporting goods equipment and a few nice guitars for sale by others.

My "Z" Rating from Anne Z.

On my scale of the “Z” Rating with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest, I give 5miles a solid 3 ZZZ’s with room to improve. What is missing for me is the amount of active users. I encourage more of my “friends” and “readers” to join me on 5miles and get some coin!

3 "Z" Rating from Anne Z.

Let me know how you like the app and marketplace. Have you purchased or sold items? Share your experiences below.

Cross Post-it Review

Can You Sell Something for Me?

When I mention to people that I sell on eBay, one of the first questions I get asked it what do I sell?

I answer: “Anything I can put into a box and ship”.

Next they ask me if I would be interested in selling things for them.

I answer: “Sure, what do you have?”

The problem with that question, is that I’ve gotten myself into many pickles because I sometimes get too many consignment clients at one time and it becomes overwhelming.

I Am A One Woman Show

I am a one person show right, and I have to keep track of all the sales I make for my consignment clients. Luckily one of my biggest helpers is the software called “Cross Post-It”. It is a web based software for people like me that sell on eBay and other online platforms. It helps me to list, ship, track packages and handle bookkeeping for my clients from my computer as long as I have internet service.

I can set the commission I make from each sale from each of my clients. (I usually take a 50% cut from my sales.) It gets real time feeds directly from eBay, so that when a sale happens, it records it by item number, client name or any number of sorting techniques. Every product I enter has its own unique ITEM # and so it’s fool proof as far as what is what.

And if I have trouble locating where I’ve put that item as I wait for it to sell, it has a blank line where I can fill in exactly where it’s located in my eBay office. That feature has been a life-saver to me many, many times.

Cross Post-It Keeps Track For Me

There are so many reasons why I love Cross Post-it. The best feature has to be the ease it provides when paying my clients. It allows me to use PayPal or print a check with my printer. It will add up all the sales, less commission or any other fees and print a line item inventory sales record for my client and copy for myself too. It keeps track on check numbers and make reconciliation super easy, especially for people like me without a bookkeeping background. All the info I need is one spot online.

Best Tool Out There for Consignors

I have reached almost 6000 items entered into my data base for my over 120 clients. I can keep notes about each client, like who referred them to me, contact info and miscellaneous info like pick-up and meeting times with my clients and new items they want me to sell for them. Cross Post-it has helped my consignment business immensely.

One day last fall, I received a call from their marketing staff and was asked to share some thoughts about Cross Post-it. I am honored to share it below. If you have an interest in selling on consignment and you want a robust software to help you navigate keeping track of your sales and payments, then Cross Post-it is definitely for you. I am so glad not to have a hassle with spreadsheets and files that are misplaced and hard to keep track of. Please let me know if you are interested and I can introduce you to the product.

Anne Z Shares Her Thoughts About Cross Post-It

My "Z" Rating from Anne Z.

On my scale of the “Z” Rating with 5 being the highest and 1 the lowest, I give Cross Post-It a solid 5 ZZZZZ’s for all that it offers consignment sellers/businesses.

5 "Z" Rating from Anne Z.

Share your experiences below! I’d love to hear your comments and questions!