eBay Tip #13 – FREE eBay Listing Worksheet

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eBay Lisiting Worksheet

Here is a free sample worksheet that you can fill out. It will gather the pertinent information for your eBay listing.

Remember, it will get easier the more you practice, practice, practice.

Auction title: _______________________________

80 characters – no punctuation – capitalize first letter of each word – NO ALL CAPS

Auction Subtitle_______(I don’t generally use this feature- extra cost)

Quantity ____________________________________________


Auction: ______________Duration: 1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 days________

Fixed Price: ______________ Duration: Good ‘Till Cancelled:_____

Starting Price __________ (If auction, the lowest price you will take)

Buy It Now Price________ (Make this a bit higher, and entice buyers who don’t want to wait out an auction. This BIN price will disappear after one bid had been made, except in the clothing and some other categories. In those categories the BIN price will disappear once 50% of minimum bid is reached by bidders)

Fixed Price ____________ (You can start a bit higher, and add a MAKE AN OFFER also known as BEST OFFER to the listing. You can accept someone’s offer, decline or counter an offer. Some people will lowball you, but always counter in those cases. If you want a sure bet, accept their original offer because some people will be scared off when you counter their offer.)

Reserve Price ____ (I don’t use this feature-It makes some people angry!)

Payment options

PayPal?______Other?________ Local Pick-up Only ________

Do not ship item until you have received payment!


USA only: ______________________________________

International: ____________________________________

(It’s not as difficult as one might imagine. Start with countries you feel comfortable with like perhaps Canada and England.)

Global Shipping Program: _____________________________ Exclude Countries: _________________________________

  • You ship to an eBay US address, the buyer pays international rates.
  • It’s just like shipping to US buyers, eBay handles the rest for you! Easy!


Weight of item (in box):______________________________

Dimensions of box: length______ x height_______ x width______


  • First Class Mail: (under 13 ounces): ____________________________________________
  • Priority Mail: (1 pound or over): ____________________________________________
  • Media Mail: (books & media – no advertising in matter) ____________________________________________
  • UPS or Fed Ex Ground: (larger, heavier items) ____________________________________________

Special Shipping Instructions: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Handling Time

Will you ship in 1 day? 2 days? 3 days? _________________________________________

Refund Policy

Accept?_____________ Decline?_____________________

Time Frame?_______________________ (see options on eBay)

Business Policy

You can set up to incorporate your shipping and handling time together with type of mail service.

Fill in the blank templates on eBay to meet your preferences.

Time Saving Tip

Use the Calculated Shipping option, and you can never go wrong. The buyer will see what the cost is on their screen, depending on their zip code and yours (the seller’s location). Just fill in box size and weight and eBay does the rest.

Known Costs (go to USPS.com to see current rates)

Flat Rate Small Box________________________________
Flat Rate Medium Box______________________________
Flat Rate Large Box________________________________
Flat Rate Padded Envelope _________________________
Flat Rate Envelope_________________________________


  • If it fits in one of the above, same cost for anywhere in the USA. A great way to learn how much to charge for shipping!
  • You can order online at USPS.com or pick-up at local post office.

Condition of Item

(Circle one): New, Like New, Very Good, Good, Acceptable


(Be very accurate and honest!) ________________________________________________________________________________________



(Use bullet points or short paragraphs so it reads well!)_________________________________________

  • 1________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 2________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 3________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 4________________________________________________________________________________________
  • 5________________________________________________________________________________________

Model or Brand:__________________________________ Year:_________________________________________


Weight of item (no box):_________________________  pounds ________________________________________ ounces

  • I put this info in my description for reference
  • I make a practice of weighing and measuring most of the items I list, except things like CD’s or DVD’s.

Measurements of item

Length:________x Width:________x Height:________(inches)

Other info you may consider adding into description if it can help the buyer make an informed decision.

Origin or history of item: ________________________________________________________________________________________

Uses of item:____________________________________

Target group for selling item:__________________________

Comes with original box/packaging?________________________________________________________________________________________

Comes with instructions or manual?________________________________________________________________________________________

Misc. Info on item: ________________________________________________________________________________________


For Your Records

  • Price you paid for item:______________________________
  • Date you purchased:________________________________
  • Original Owner of Item: (if not you)_______________________
  • Where you purchased: ______________________________


Tip #13

  • Goal: Prepare a new eBay listing
  • Task: Fill in the blanks for each new item
  • Task: Practice, practice, practice
  • Task: You can do this!

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Author: Anne Zarraonandia

Anne Z is a certified USPTA tennis and pickleball professional who takes her many years of experience in teaching tennis to the online arena. Anne breaks down the tasks of online selling into simple language, especially for those who don’t have much computer, internet, or photography background.

4 thoughts on “eBay Tip #13 – FREE eBay Listing Worksheet”

  1. this is such a useful post for anyone who wants to post a listing on eBay.. my son keeps saying we should use ebay to sell some of the things we have and don’t need any more.. so maybe i will ask him to create the listing using your post

    1. Thanks for reading Vidya! Yes, your son could do it easily with the FREE ebay phone app! Makes ebay listing quick and easy! Good luck to you both! ANNE Z

    1. Real auctions do much better for very expensive items for sure Roy! Perceived value comes not only from pricing but from the marketplace’s reputation. eBay is good for deals. Amazon is good for speed. High end collectibles often do well at “real” auction houses! Thanks for commenting! I have over 600 items listed and average about 4-5 sales a day. When I list more, I sell more!

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