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I have been using Auctiva for many, many years. I build templates that I like for all sorts of items: tennis rackets, record albums, magazines, dolls, etc.


If you sell on Amazon or eBay or on your own website, Auctiva can help make the listing process so much easier!

Your friend AnneZ (eBayId: annez) wants to save you time and money!
AnneZ already knows the benefits of using Auctiva; now it is time for you to find out. 

  • Auctiva’s one-page listing tool dramatically reduces the time it takes to list each item
  • Auctiva’s emporium and scrolling gallery help you cross-market and increase customer traffic, as well as create a brand for your business
  • Auctiva’s professionally designed templates give your listings an edge over the competition
  • Auctiva’s profiles will save you both time and sanity in not having to type repetitive information into hundreds of listings
  • Auctiva’s unlimited image hosting, with supersizing, gives you a central, safe place for all of your product images

And the best part is: You can try it for FREE!

Unlimited use of Auctiva’s full suite of auction management tools is available to new users for an entire 30 days. You can list, upload images, create numerous profiles for different items, design an emporium and scrolling gallery AND have access to an inexhaustible supply of auction templates… all for FREE! Then, after your 30-day trial, simply pick from one of our affordable listing plans, or become a Free Tools user to retain our marketing tools, like the Auctiva Scrolling Gallery.

Come experience the premiere eBay auction management experience.

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Author: Anne Zarraonandia

Anne Z is a certified USPTA tennis and pickleball professional who takes her many years of experience in teaching tennis to the online arena. Anne breaks down the tasks of online selling into simple language, especially for those who don’t have much computer, internet, or photography background.

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